Uber’s invade to connect the drivers and shipments

Uber is now going to invade the new service for the trucking. ‘Uber Freight’ is a service from the ride-hailing company that pair up the trucking companies, even the independent operator with the load needs to be lift from one place to other. The application looks like the main Uber app, but it looks for scrutinizing and approved drivers. It allows the user to search for the available loads, see the destination, distance information and about the payment for the service and then tap to book.

The main objective of the app is to reduce the time waiting for the load and making lots of calls or other communication, it just helps for the stream workflow with the job confirmation along with the immediate payment within few seconds. If the drivers get the payment delayed then they will get the surge amount for the waiting time.

Uber shares the big pain point, when it comes to the small trucking companies and the independent driver, the freelancer has to wait for thirty days for the payment. But those situations need not face by the drivers and get the immediate payment plus with the surge price for every single load.

Otto an automated trucking service company acquired by the Uber in last year, it didn’t mention in the press meet for the announcing the ‘Uber Freight service’, so it mainly focused on the drivers and the truck companies. The key is to makes any kind of the self-driving tech to drive in the road system for the lots of miles.

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